We care!

We Care! We REALLY care about your business. Why? Because our business is dependent on the success of your business. Although we run our own business, we are as invested in the success of business as you are. 

For us there are plenty of benefits that come from a freelancing relationship with our clients, from setting your own hours, to being location independent. However, freelancing isn’t just an advantage for us, it is an advantage to the businesses that hire us too. 

With no geographic limitations, you can co-dependently or collectively work on any document and any project at any time. You can find people all over the world to help you with a variety of tasks. In the US alone, freelance makes up 34% of the workforce. Opening up a huge talent pool, providing you with more qualified people to work on different aspects of your business, whether you need content production, a virtual assistant, or help developing your website. If you can’t find the talent for a certain project in your immediate geographic area, you can engage with a freelancer in the next town, the other side of the country, the other side of the world!   

Not all business tasks require a member of staff on site full-time or even part-time. Tasks are dependent on projects, jobs, a campaign and you don’t need a permanent fixture to take care of that. A freelancer can be a great resource in the right circumstances. A freelancer can take care of it, get paid, and move on. Not only will a pool of freelance talent allow you to have a flexible workforce it can also help you remain agile as you grow your business

Never far away from any business decision, is the BOTTOM LINEUsing freelancers can save moneyEven the higher-cost freelancers can represent a cost saving. When you hire a freelancer/independent contractor, you don’t have to worry about PAYE, NIC, pensions, holiday pay, additionally any company benefits. You don’t need to provide a workspace or equipment.

We’re not saying employees are a thing of the past, we’re not here to say anything negative about your current team or employees but we will point out the challenges that companies face retaining talent. Staff get complacent, they fail to rise to the challenge and often feel unappreciated. There’s many reasons for this: the lack of support or training, being overlooked for “that” promotion, their ideas and contributions to the business are also overlooked, there's a lack of inherent trust, the best pieces of work never fall onto their desk. Engaging a freelancer creates motivation outside of your business, our drive is seeing results and the success of your business. We may have 5 plus more clients, with different ideas and different industries so the creative thinking and engagement is constantly evolving.   

What might be successful in one business aspect of that process can be transferable to another business cutting out mistakes and dead time chasing ideas that are likely not to succeed. 

For us it’s vital for an entrepreneur or business to be able to use multiple freelancers/assistants, across multiple skill sets to smooth over gaps in availability or in skills required. 

Don’t get put off by the idea of training and getting your freelancer/ virtual assistant up to speed. For us generally speaking, the more specific you are in explaining tasks, the better. Ideally, as a result of good management, we will in time learn your work style and you will be able to deliver to your specification on cue. Google Drive documents outlining the who, what, where and when of daily tasks, including relevant rules, permissions and passwords are always a huge help. We regularly encourage and offer you feedback, lending more warmth to the remote-work arrangement. Trust of a new employee or a freelancer is like for like, things take time, a relationship takes time to develop. We also encourage where possible meeting in person and video conferencing as frequently as possible, at least quarterly. Ultimately, we are another cog in your business machine, we are an extension of you, your brand, your business. We are human, we have extensive knowledge in everything back office, administration and organising so remember to treat us as such

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