Our Top Tips for staying focused on those New Year goals and improvements

It’s the end of the first week back to the grind! By this Friday some, most but not all, will be bored stiff of their 2018 goals and improvements! Those of you who do want to stick with it here’s a few tips to help you stay focused and engaged:

We often hear the words for “my children” for “financial freedom” but you don’t have to be SO cliché! Your why should be an admirable goal, something you strive for, whether it’s independence, proving yourself, nice holidays. Whatever it is that makes you, YOU! Don’t panic if you don’t have your WHY, you can try picking 3 things you want to achieve in the next 6-12 months and let them become your focus when you face a lull.

Doing it alone isn’t always best. We’re not saying you have to employ a team, think of your family, your friends, your professional network. Share your ideas, your goals, your yearly plans and listen to the feedback, advice and use that influence in a positive way; to take accountability. Accountability certainly helps many people achieve their goals long and short term.

Celebrate your wins! Success isn’t easy and when you do succeed why not shout about it! It not only inspires others but it helps you to acknowledge your hard work and helps to build a happier and more successful environment to work in.

Track your growth, progress and projects when you derail; literally assess your situation, think it through and switch paths. The most important lesson in business is to be be fluid, move with your clients, move with the times consistently grow, learn, develop and never be left behind. Explore your ideas and reflect on your challenges/ errors; this will only ever make you stronger!

Happy New Year!

with love Hayley and Laura

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