Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Wondering how this works, is it really something that will work for you and your business? Read our FAQ's. If you still feel puzzled please call us, we will happily discuss any questions you may have.


What is Agile working?

Agile working is a way of working in which an organisation empowers its people to work where, when and how they choose – with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints – to optimise their performance and deliver 'best in class' value and customer service. It uses communications and information technology to enable people to work in ways which best suit their needs without the traditional limitations of where and when tasks must be performed.

It is based on the concept that work is an activity we do, rather than a place we go. With the technology available to modern business, there are numerous tools to help us work in new and different ways, to meet customer needs, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve sustainability.

I'm not sure if i'm ready to hire a VA?

Before engaging your VA, be sure to have a clear idea of what tasks they might be able to take over from you. Keep track of every repetitious task you do each day, week or month so you can decide what can be outsourced.

Can you make a purchase on my behalf?

Yes we can! We can place orders, make purchases and schedule payments safely and securely on your behalf. You can read more about our security measures and policies in our contract.

What happens if your package is not working for your business?

Call us we can upscale or downscale you on a month by month basis depending on your business needs.

No sick day/No Holiday

We are a close team of VA's, you will have already met the the whole team. If your assistant is away or sick then a another member of the team will pick up where the other left off. Meaning you will never experience a vulnerable moment with your your personal or business admin.

How are you charged for our services?

Depending on the package, event or bespoke agreement; your agreed fee will be charged in advance on the 1st working day of the month and will be payable within 14 days. Discounts are given for packages purchased on a long term scale of 6 months +.

What happens if I do not use the hours I've paid for?

Depending on the package, event or bespoke agreement; your agreed hours will be carried out on your request. Should at the end of the month there be any remaining hours then you are able to carry these forward to the following month.  Please note hours carried over is dependent on your package.

Time v's tasks

Administrative tasks take far longer than you expect, one of the reasons you are checking out our services i'm sure! We have time tracking software on our devices that log the hours we work and what we work on. We will always happily provide a timesheet to show you where our time is spent.

Call us, we will happily discuss any questions you may have.

Why would I need a VA?

With a Virtual Assistant you have the advantage of your own personal assistant without the overhead costs of office space and employment demands.  With cueVirtue you only pay for the time that you need.

I only need an adhoc hour here and there?

With cueVirtue you only pay for what you need.  If you have a small task that you need help with we can arrange to do so at our hourly rate of £35.00.

Do you buy socks?

Yes we do, like any PA/EA we deal with the big jobs and the essential ones too. With 30 + years between us we've purchased approximately 360 pairs of socks, 60 Anniversary gifts, 150 Christmas gifts, 460 Birthday gifts, 4,062 pens and 970 note books. In fact we know the layout of selfridges, Harrods and John Lewis better than their floor staff.

I know I need some help, but I'm not sure what I need help with?

With a face to face consultation (or 2 depending on the size of your business)  we can learn everything about you, your business and your nearest and dearest. We can devise a plan of action to help you get your time back to focus on the growth and development of your business.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A self employed, professional administrator providing business support to many clients. They provide their own equipment, are equipped to work with any software that best suits the needs of your business and have the added bonus of many years experience.

I am worried about confidentiality?

At cueVirtue we have a strict confidentiality policy. We will also arrange a 'non-disclosure agreement', these agreements are contracts designed to protect all confidential 'business information'.

Of course, we are always available to add any additional protection you currently have in place as part of our agreement.